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    Tom Allen-Stevens

    Just for the record, Anna is once again misleading people and misquoting sources – there’s never been public access to the quarry – Health and Safety rules forbid access to a working quarry. Compared to the surrounding farmland, the quarry is and always has been pretty much devoid of wildlife. The people she is referring to used to go to Cole’s Pits to enjoy the wildlife, and are still very much welcome to do so. Visits to the quarry to look for fossils have in the past been by arrangement only, and this will also continue. Those interested should contact Oxon Geological Society. Ironically, there’ll only be open public access to the quarry if Anna loses her court case.

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    Sten Archimedes

    Seems odd to me that the lady quoted as being in the steering group, has the same last name as the land owner?
    So maybe the Campaigners do have a point.
    i’m sure she has no interest at all in the selling of the land be it her husband; father ;brother; cousin who is selling it :D.

    In most areas that would be classed as a real conflict of interests, sitting on a steering group / gathering evidence for a np to put forward a patch of land owned by a member of your close family :D.

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