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    Caroline Baird

    SODC may have made up some ‘exceptional circumstances’, which are debatable but they have not demonstrated ‘can demonstrate that they
    ‘have examined fully all other reasonable options for meeting their identified
    development requirements. Including making effective use of suitable brownfield
    sites and the opportunities offered by estate regeneration.’
    There are sites available outside Green Belt.
    I quote from The Government’s 2017 White Paper on housing.

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    Adrian Morris

    There is little reason to build on green belt land that was created to stop such developments. Better proposals at better locations have been submitted and simply discounted by SODC.


    This development if given the go ahead will have a hugely negative impact on the local communities, for which there are no feasible benefits. It will also impact the historic town of Abingdo, which isn’t designed to accomdate the extra traffic , people or impact on existing stretched services.

    On top of this very little seems to have been done in regards to advanced planning for service and associated facilities for such a huge construction project.

    Prior to the extra houses, there will need to be new major road systems, new bridges, sewage considerations built etc. Post building , hospitals, doctors, schools, police ? Where is the money for this ?

    And what of the environmental considerations ? Such a large construction will result in thousands of additional cars and lorries travelling along narrow country lanes at slow speeds. Creating traffic jams and a huge amount of pollution.

    This is not the answer SODC. Please rethink and come up with some better solutions.


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