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    Bill Chapman

    After negotiations leading to an agreement in a year or so, I should like a first referendum on whether those proposals are acceptable to the British people. If they are not, we stay in the EU.

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    I don’t understand why is it that politicians have decided to allow the referendum to stand as most of the Brexit arguements were based on lies. Surely, now that the country has seen, heard and possibly read the truths, now we can really (just about) vote to stay or leave.
    It was FRAUD at best.

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    This organisers of the event, Oxford Region branch of the European Movement UK, have written to every MP and Peer in Oxfordshire and adjoining parts of Buckinghamshire and Berkshire, calling on them to halt the greatest collective act of self-harm in our lifetimes.

    They have been carrying out interviews with people in the street and on doorsteps in areas like Blackbird Leys, and have found hardly anyone who’s happy with the ways things are panning out.

    Readers can find the European Movement web page and sign up to join the fight.

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