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    Good to see they have moved Hereford

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    Not before time, and they should be re-opening the whole branch line while they are about it.

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    Jennifer O'Dell

    I think this is a great idea to help ease congestion on the a40 however this will only work if the trains will be cheaper than it costs in fuel to get to oxford. My little car cost me approx £10 to £15 to get from witney to Cowley.

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    Jennifer O'Dell

    I think this is a great idea. However the trains would need to be cheaper than to take the car to oxford for it to be a long term thing.

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    Brian fidler

    The Cotswold line is vital for growth in the region ?…so let’s start by giving stations such as Shipton and Ascott-under-Wychwood a better service.They spent thousands on a new platform at Ascott. but still only ONE train stops there, and there is nothing on Saturday’s or Sunday’s. As for role-playing the line to Witney – a far better idea than a park & ride or trams

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    I think this is a good idea. Witney and Caterton have expanded greatly since the original rail line was closed (1960s ?) so I can imagine there will be a demand. A few friends of mine commute to Oxford and they have said they would switch to train in a heartbeat as long as fares are reasonable. The only down side with Oxford station is it’s location… it’s a little out the way, especially if you work in Cowley!!

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